The End

Hey everyone,

After six years, the time has come to end support for Livescape (for now, at least). As of today, the app has been pulled from the marketplace.

People who purchased Livescape will still be allowed to continue using it, unfortunately some of the services used by the app are no longer operational due to a breaking-change made by the hosting company who hosts Livescape's services.

This change came as a surprise, as there was no notice sent from them to properly prepare for it. I've been working to have those changes reverted from their side, but it's become clear that they won't budge.

Given it's just me developing the app in my free time, I cannot continue support at this time. The Windows Phone platform lost considerable marketshare this past year, adding to the difficulty in sustaining these services. I'm happy we were able to keep it going this long though.

The Universal version, which would run on Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and future "mobile" devices could still be completed at some point, provided the platform shows potential. Currently it does not. Android and iPhone ports are also under consideration, but nothing official has been planned yet.

If you're still interested in further updates on this progress, please feel free to check back here.

In the meanwhile, thanks to everyone who has supported and used the app over the years. It was genuinely a pleasure getting to know all of you. In contrast to other software I've written, Livescape seemed to attract really well-mannered, intelligent, and interesting people.

I will definitely miss interacting with you folks. All the best to you and your loved ones in 2017 -Logan

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